Become a windsurfer with our teachers through a step by step classes. All our lessons are following professional VDWS international standards. The newest JP Australia and Starboard boards and Severne sails will take your progress easy and fun.


Basic and additional courses are for new or self taught surfers and amateur surfers who need more surfing knowledge or want to upgrade their skills.

  Getting to know the equipment

  Weather conditions and wind

  Motion techniques

  2h/day practice on water


Windsurfing courses for kids from 7 to 12 years old. We teach kids friendly methods and use optimal equipment for quick learning. Program for all children.

  Social factor (group of children)

  Learning with equipment for children

  Learning and getting to know through animation

  Learning with competitions


Windsurfing lessons & prices

Beginners course Duration: 6 hours, 3 days, 2 hours per day. 170 €

We will learn from the basics and each day progress further through theory and praxis. Each day 1 hour coaching and 1 hour supervision of training. Group lessons maximum 4 students per instructor. In the price included all gear and instructions.

Refresher course Duration: 6 hours, 3 days, 2 hours per day. 170 €

Refreshment of knowledge with learning new moves and skills. We will start over with the basics, correct the techniques, improve and quickly come to upgrade to new level. Group lessons, maximum 4 students per instructor. In the price included all gear and instructions.

Discovery Duration: 2h, 1 day. 60€

The introduction to windsurfing, first day of a beginners course. After the discovery lesson you can upgrade to full beginners course. Group lesson maximum 4 students per instructor. Includes all gear and instructions.

Private lesson 55€ per hour

Practise of your choice from basics to advanced with an instructor. Gear is not included in the price.

VDWS international Windsurf licence 30€

After completion of windsurf basic course and theory you are granted an international windsurf license both for adults and children (from 7 up to 13 years).



  1H 1 DAY (4h) 5 DAYS 7 DAYS 10h ticket *
BOARD + SAIL 20€ 60€ 265€ 305€ 165€
NEOPRENE 6€ 12€ 43€ 52€ 40€
HARNESS 6€ 12€ 43€ 52€ 40€
*only be used by 1 person, validity 2 weeks.

+ usage for couples to use the same equipment additional 25%.


With a commitment to make windsurfing a popular and accessible water sport to all, we offer the best windsurfing experience along with the pleasures of raw beauty of our spot and islands.


Have you really wondered when you would be completely hooked? Then you will love surfing, and everyone that you show it to will want to experience it. Naturally ambition plays its part in learning new moves. Also, the lifestyle will strongly attract you. There will always be new challenges for you to take on, new maneuvers which are likewise so attractive and the time on the beach to spend with the sport.

You can check the forecast on windfinder:
You can start by discovery course, it only takles 2 hours in 1 day. From there you will be having your first experience and after you can simply continue with our beginners course.
No problem, we will teach you step by step with simple excercises so you will be on the board and sailing in 2 hours.
You can start with a discovery course, then you can extend for a day more or book the fast course of 3 days duration. Everything works what counts are your fun days in the water.