SUP paddling

S.U.P. Surfing – Stand Up Paddling Surfing is coming back to the roots. Stand up paddling isn't a skill, it's an amazing experience. Whether you're 7 or 79 years old, 50 or 120kg, you'll learn to stand up paddle and YOU'LL BE up and
PADDLING on your very FIRST LESSON regardless of your experience or ability. If you are looking for the ultimate way to
experience the beauty of the sea or want to discover if this might be YOUR SPORT, the water is SMOOTH and CALM for first time paddlers. Clear water, beautiful landscape, mediterranean fish, sandy lagoons, and abundant sea life create the backdrop for your stand up paddle lesson. We'll even bring our camera so you'll have photos for your friends and family.

Your lesson is held on the long and shallow sandy beach around the small town of Nin near Zadar. 

This makes Surfmania center an ideal place for fun and simple experiencing of SUP surf paddling.

SUP Surf Paddling program & prices

Material: Starboard SUP





Fast course

1 hour

Introduction for paddling, short trip

30 €

SUP School

2 hours

Introduction and the first steps of Sup
Surfing in theory and practice. After the
course you will have the taste of the great surf paddling spirit. We will explore a beautiful landscape from a seaview.

55 €






1 h

Starboard SUP board Whooper club + paddle

11 €




20 €




30 €


1 day

Rental hours  from 10am until 6pm

35 €


10 h ticket

10 hours applies until 3 weeks

60 €