Location Nin

Surfmania Center

Our location?

Windsurf & SUP Center: On the way to small town of Nin near Zadar, it is on beach "Ždrijac" middle of a long sandy beach passing old town of Nin. Same spot as a kitesurf center.

Kitesurf Center : Our kite spot is on the middle part of the sandy beach "Ždrijac", north of a small town center of Nin.

Kite & Surf zones
Kite zone is located in the middle area of a long sandy beach "Ždrijac" - oposite of Nin island. By car you are driving to Nin and follow the direction of Vrsi. When you are crossing the island Nin on your left side first turning left to Zdrijac or camping Dispet.

Important: During summer it is only allowed to kitesurf in the specified kitesurfing zone, please do not endanger swimmers and people on tha strand!


Best winds are in spring (april and mai) and autumn(september and october) although the weather is very changeably. In that period most winds are NE (Bura) and SE (Jugo).

During summer there is Mistral - light thermical wind from NW from 8 to 12 or more knots. This is the best direction for kitesurfing on the kiteboarding beach Ždrijac.

Recomended kites and boards:

for summer lightwind kites and boards above 14qm.
for off season in spring and autumn smaller kites 9 qm to 14qm and boards.
For all offshore winds(S, SW) please contact Surfmania center to secure you with a safety boat from being cast off from the beach.

Wind forecasts for the region of Nin, follow this link: 


web cam NIN bay: